The homepage of the "A Song for Bayes" arrangment

The homepage of the choir vox11 including music samples

Where to start?

To benefit the most from "A Song for Bayes" experiencing Bayesian net, it could be highly valuable to read about the Bayesian net, composers ideas or  interact with easily understandable Bayesian net. 

If you not are familar with Bayesian net we suggest that you go to roadmap no 1.

If you are familar with  Bayesian net we suggest that you go to roadmap no 2.


Roadmap no.1

We recommend 3 steps. Steps that may take approximate 1-1 1/2 hour. 

  1. Firstly read articles in which the core terms of bayes net are introduced. Either "Bayesian net", "" or "Bayesian net- understood as cogntive support". Important terms are cause and effect, propagation, markov chains, Regarding the latter it might be particular interesting to read "Music experience modelling". The conceptual model of stress with individuals could also be valuable to read. "Autism modelling".
  2. Try some of the intuitive interactivebayesian net examples to discover by in by experience how Bayes net work.
    Examples could be "Anne-Mettes Car Does not Start", "Multiplicative insurance tariff calculation", "Investment Risk Profile" or some of the other interactive examples. 

  3. Read the article "Bayesian music - an introduction". Through the article you will get an presentation of how the composition process has taken place, how the Bayesian net are included in the music. 


Roadmap no.2

We recommend 1 step. The duration is approximate 15-30 minutes. 

To understand and enjoy the Bayesian net music pieces the only article that is valuable for you is "Bayesian music - an introduction". The article gives you an glimse into composing process and into the mind of the composer. Before February 1th it also include sample of Bayesian net music. Video recordings from Vox11s practice room.