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Conceptual Autism stress modelling, January 9th, 2012

A Proof of Concept experiment is taking place January and February where Egebakken, a school for children with autism(Teacher Emil Paulsen), Humanistic Faculty of Aalborg University (senioradvicer Morten Aagaard) and Hugin.

The first conceptual model of the stresslevel of a pupil isFirst conceptual model of stress with a autism diagnosed pupil/Emil Paulsen

The input data comes from two sources: 

  1. Sensors. Which is GSR(bodymedias sensewear) or HRV sensors(Polar)
  2. Micro assesments.(also labeled "Ecological Momentary Accessment") That is simple and fast contextbased assesments of context, context property, behaviour or state of mind. 


'Though synchronipus data collection and analysis would be of more attractive than asynchronious the last alternative has been chosen for establising a lowcost and cheap experiment. 

The finest result of the proof of concept experiment is new knowledge for the practitioners on the pupils wellbeing. 


The Proof of Concept experiment is structured in

  1. Datacollection
  2. Data analysis 
  3. Analysis of the Proof of Concept experiment.