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Welcome to "A Song for Bayes" which is a Song event taking place on February 27th at Skråen, Aalborg 7.30 pm. 

We are pleased (and excited) that such event takes place in Aalborg. The joy and excitement we experience with Bayesian networks will be singed out loud at the concert. We expect to hear the beauty of the Bayesian networks formalism through songs 

This a prior assumption is supported by talks and meetings with the composer, Kristian Echwald Melchiorsen. 

Our contribution to the event is this site "" on which you will find interactive examples hopefully inspiring you to study Bayesian networks in more detail.

Feel free to browse the site or start with the "Where to start? - a Roadmap" in which we present two roads through this site. 


This site is written primarily in English language enabling our international customers (and potential customers) to read the examples and learn about the event. If you prefer Danish language, then the blog of the event is primarily in Danish language. bayesmusic.wordpress. com

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department, if you want to learn more or be contact by a HUGIN representative:+45 9655 0790 using the web contact form


Best regards

Anders Læsø Madsen



HUGIN EXPERT A/S takes no responsibility whatsoever for examples and information in examples published on this web site. ALL EXAMPLES ARE FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY.